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I couldn't believe my good fortune when I first met the German Designer Sabine Wagner at a trade show in New York in 2014! I immediately realized that her beautifully-crafted shawl collar and matching sash were just the accessories I needed to complement my wardrobe and lifestyle. I wore the collar on both sides on so many occasions and bought the matching cuff a year or so later. I couldn't resist adding the London shawl collar and matching cuff to my wardrobe a few years later and, more recently, the fabulous Paris shawl collar. I love that I can create an entirely new outfit by adding a gorgeous collar to one of my own black suits or dresses! And it's always a pleasure to see Sabine and Hans and Sabine's new creations when they travel to New York. I'm hoping that they'll be able to return here soon!

Susan Sanders

I’m thrilled to feature the breathtaking designs by Sabine Wagner, who I met in NYC at the Curate Show this past February. I fell in love with her luxurious, handmade creations, and I am honored to present their beauty and versatility. Sabine’s designs are exclusive, timeless, and elegant. They can be worn in a variety of ways. In the photos in this post I’m wearing her Duchesse silk fuchsia collar [Paris], black and fuchsia sash, and black and fuchsia cuff. The collar can be worn with the large or small point in the front, the points turned to the side, and with the points turned upward. The sash can be worn in any way that your creativity desires. All three pieces set off Sabine’s architecturally shaped pointed pants to perfection.



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