About Sabine Wagner

Exclusive. Timeless. Confident.


In 2008, the monotony of the mainstream fashion made me explore my own way outside of the textile industry. In my workshop in Worpswede, I have been designing lively unique clothes and unusual basics with numerous wearing options.



All clothing and accessories are made exclusively by myself and my small team on site. Great care and attention to detail flow into every creation. I work with clear contours and color contrasts.


My designs can be combined again and again with each other and with pieces from your wardrobe. The imagination knows no limits. Both the simple evening dress and the everyday wardrobe appear in a completely new, elegant light.   

The exchange with my customers is always a great pleasure for me. I would be happy to show you how you can put ensembles together and wear them. Just get in touch by phone, email or visit us personally in my studio in Worpswede.



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