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Zoom Outfit five-piece silk "Tokyo"
Zoom Outfit five-piece silk "Tokyo"

Outfit five-piece silk "Tokyo"

version 1

Four-piece avant-garde outfit made of black microfibre combined with a heavy, very finely woven, iridescent Duchesse silk.

Top: tied at the side with an arm opening and a sophisticated, foldable collar attachment. Double stitched, wearable on both sides.

Cacheur sash: also double-stitched, half made of silk and half microfiber, wearable on both sides.

Knot skirt: Consisting of black microfiber with a color-coordinated Duchesse silk insert. The skirt has an elastic band at the top and bottom and no other closures. There is a pocket integrated on each side. The skirt is very versatile.

The outfit includes a cuff as an arm accessory, made of the same materials and also wearable on both sides.

The outfit can be made in several color combinations. It is worked by me after order and consultation with you. Delivery time is about 4 weeks

Each outfit is therefore unique and only available in limited quantities


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