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The trip to the USA for the Curate in Feb. 2022

 ... it was quite an experience to go back to New York after 2 years.

The city has changed, as has the whole world, but we still found the stay to be relaxed, not overcrowded and relatively "safe".

The Curate International Collections is a very small but fine shopping fair for the fashion industry in the middle of Manhattan. 

It was good to see many familiar faces again and to be able to talk to buyers from all over North America. These were not as numerous as we were used to from 2020. 

As everywhere, business in the USA is not yet back to full speed and shopping behavior has changed. It was all the nicer to meet loyal customers such as Paula C. who still wears my clothes with great enthusiasm on a wide variety of occasions in New York and quickly found what she was looking for this time too.It was good to find the connection. We brought enough addresses with us that now need to be processed. Writing offers - making representations via video telephony - arranging appointments - advising. Mona and Katja, whom we met just a few weeks earlier at the winter shipyard at Robbe and Berking in Flensburg, decided very quickly to accompany us to NY. They had a lot of fun promoting us and the Curate together with the New York "influencers". Incidentally, the shawl collars also suit men, as can be seen here on the well-known New York model and photographer Nick P with the collar "Montreal" can recognize. Not only I, but also Mona was enthusiastic about him and the scarf.There was also great joy when we met our friend Susan Sanders, who has been with us since 2013, right at the beginning of the show. Her friend was also delighted with my clothes and gave us many tips and addresses of other interested boutiques in the USA.

The next trip is planned for autumn. The place and time have not yet been determined.I didn't just have a lot of fun with Jean, as in this photo.


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