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Our home studio

Dear visitors, dear friends, dear customers,

At the end of last year we finally closed our studio in the Katharinen Passage in Bremen. 

Unfortunately, Covid19 and the resulting lockdown left us, like many others, with no other option. Very unfortunate, but also an incentive to think about and tackle new possibilities.

Such situations often motivate the further development of one's own creativity, encourage and open the doors for new "input". As the saying goes: "Necessity is the mother of invention"- 

So we now live secluded in our home in Worpswede Ot Hüttenbusch and enjoy the wonderful winter weather.

Sabine works on both new and old designs, while I am busy with new presentation concepts and projects for novel shopping experiences.  

Of course we don't have fixed opening hours and we have our workplaces integrated in the building (Home Studio) much more flexible and always there for you. 


Just give us a call and we can arrange an appointment at short notice or talk about how we can find each other:

mobile: 0160 8019961 fund: +49 4794 964580 

We look forward to you


Sabina Wagner


Hans-Hermann Kober


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